Core Values

Newstart exists to facilitate and support the development of young people and their families by providing them with the educational, social and life skills necessary to enable them to become fully integrated and effective members of their local community and wider society.


Newstart believes in the following core values:

Enabling young people to realise their full potential.


We believe in the fundamental right of every young person to education and lifelong learning in all its aspects.


To help young people develop the skills necessary to make informed choices on issues which affect their lives.


To make young people aware of the alternatives and possibilities open to them which impact on their lives.


Acceptance in a non-judgmental way of young people.


Empowerment of young people and their families.


Contributing in a beneficial way to the life of the local community


To liaise and work with voluntary, community and statutory agencies in providing an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to our work.